Please follow these Recovery Instructions:

Your vehicle was recovered by a licensed recovery agent for the lien holder.

Call your lien holder

The lien holder is the only establishment that can release your vehicle.

Most lien holders will require you to catch up on past payments, interest in default, pay the amount of the recovery fee, and any other administrative expenses incurred in order to recover their asset.

The vehicle most likely will be held at a special location secured and can only be released by the lien holder. Knowing the recovery agents address and/or information is not necessary as they are hired agents by the lien holder to only recover and return the asset

The vehicle and property within the vehicle is being held by the lien holder and should be located in a secure area, but you are in default of the contract with the lien holder, therefore the lien holder and recovery agent are “Held Harmless” of personal items or damage.

Before any attempt to pick of your vehicle CONTACT YOUR LIEN HOLDER for directions.

The lien holder will only release the vehicle to the registered owner after restitution has been made and may require additional documentation such as current registration, insurance and proper ID.